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Here at DiMauro Property Management we take pride in the high quality of each of our many services! We are a full service landscaping company that specializes in Lawn Care / Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance/Design/Installation, Mulch/Stone Work, Tree Work, Drainage Work, Snow Removal, Retaining Walls, and Patio Pavers/Walk Ways!

At DPM we also offer Professional Power Washing, Flooring of all Kinds, Interior/Exterior Painting, and Dry Wall Repair.

All of our services are backed by years of experience, fully insured, done in a timely manner along with extremely neat and thorough finished product.


Spring Clean Up - Removal of all sticks and limbs from property followed by a complete blow out of all flower beds and all lawn areas. Finally, each lawn gets a tine thatching to remove dead grass from the year before allowing your lawn to develop into the healthiest looking yard in town, along with full side walk and drive way edging.

5 Step Fertilizer Treatments - The perfect solution for a healthy looking lawn!

Mowing Schedule - April 15th is when we start the first cut, then provide weekly cuts until may 1st. Once we reach the growing season we will start to mow with mulching blades every five days, never taking off more than 1.5 inches at a time. We also rotate our mowing patterns weekly and double cut, as well as use bag and grass catchers whenever necessary to keep lawns in tip-top shape. This service is continued until July 1st. Then, we switch to a weekly mowing schedule throughout July and August, then once again switch back to the growing season mowing schedule for September and October. We start off the fall growing season with a final tine thatching to remove dead grass build up.

Fall Cleanups - In November, we do our final cuts and remove all leaves and debris from the property, giving your property that clean manicured look that all DPM customers grow accustomed to, and will last all winter.

Services are available as a package, or individually. Please call DPM to obtain a quote today! (860) 834-0498


Our Manicured Lawn Care Program is by far our most popular and competitive service due to DPM's highly skilled mowing team and top notch equipment, combined with our incredibly low prices geared for the tough economy were all facing right now!

The Manicured Lawn Care Program takes all the professional techniques and practices from the Stadium Lawn Care Program and simply reduces the frequency of visits and add ons like de-thatching, cleanups, edging, and fertilizer that many customers choose to do their self. We always double cut and frequently change patters and direction to help reduce rutting on the property.

Mowing Schedule - Starting approximately April 15th, we start to mow weekly through the 4th of July. At that time, we switch to a bi-weekly mowing schedule until September 1st. Then we switch back to the weekly cuts for the fall growing season which ends on November 1st. Any mowing after that is done on an as-needed basis.

Services are available as a package, or individually. Please call DPM to obtain a quote today! (860) 834-0498

I am so happy with DPM’s landscaping services. Always on time, fair prices, and exceptional quality! Thanks again, Dom!”

- Jim S., Middletown, CT

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